Uses For Occlusal Guards:

Today, dental professionals recommend guards as a solution to many problems in addition to their preventive use for athletes. In our practice, the doctors will often suggest an occlusal guard for any of the following:

Bruxism – the technical term for grinding the teeth. An occlusal guard can alleviate the symptoms of bruxism by offering a slick barrier between the upper and lower teeth, such that they slide against each other instead of applying pressure and grinding down.

Application of topical medication – MI Paste, corticosteroids, and other medication for oral conditions can sometimes be conveniently delivered using a mouth guard. The mouth guard acts as a reservoir to hold the medicine in place against the teeth and gums longer.

Risk of dental trauma – if you regularly engage in high-impact activities such as sports, a mouth guard can help prevent injury by acting as a barrier and softening any potential impact to the teeth.

Aesthetic enhancement and protection – similar to its use in delivering medication, mouth guards can be used to apply bleaching gel to whiten teeth. An occlusal guard may also be recommended to provide extra protection for certain more delicate tooth restorations (temporary crowns, veneers, etc.).

Types Of Night Guards:

Stock, or Ready-Made: This over-the-counter night guard is the most economical option, but rarely recommended by dentists. Since these guards are bought pre-formed, they are often ill-fitting and bulky, and can make talking and breathing more difficult.

Mouth adapted, or “Boil and Bite”: These can also be purchased over-the-counter at many sporting goods stores. While still not ideal, this type of guard is a step above the preformed ones – here you heat the guard to soften it, then bite into the guard to adapt the shape to your mouth.

Custom-made: Naturally, something crafted to the exact specifications of your teeth and bite is going to offer you the best protection.
Each type of night guard involves a simple, two-step process.
We first bring you in for a set of impressions so we know exactly what we need to fabricate.
Impressions for mouth guards are quick and easy, taking only about 15 minutes to accomplish.
We then bring you back in around 3-4 weeks to pick up your appliance, make sure everything fits and deliver any additional instructions needed.

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